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At Skin Sport we have one common goal. To help you achieve your fitness goals in the most safe, healthy, satisfying, fun and economical way possible. Our clients are of varied ages and fitness levels and every one has a different goal that we strive to meet. Our personal trainers are always available to answer your fitness questions. We understand what it takes to get fit and stay fit! If you are a couch potato or an extreme athlete, SkinSport has the program that is right for you!

Fitness Training

Our training programs were developed to help you achieve your fitness goals through exercise as well as proper nutrition.  Our Personal Trainers are experienced enough to know the different between a Fad and a life changing experience that you will be able to continue the rest of your life.  The SkinSport training program will challenge you physically while supporting your nutritional needs!  Learn More



Personal Training

Want the advantage of having your trainer all to yourself? Then SkinSports One on One Personal Training is for you.  This program can help you develop the body you have always wanted. Our Personal training program is results oriented! We will drive you to your fitness goals by correctly working each muscle group in your body while giving you the nutritional guidance your body needs. One on One training at a Great price!


Group Training

Our Unique small group training setting allows you to get the best workout possible while in an exciting, fun and challenging environment. Each small group session is limited in size to ensure an optimal workout experience. This routine consist of circuits of resistance training, cardiovascular endurance, plyometrics, strength training and full body motion that will burn fat, strengthen the body, build lean muscle and increase your metabolism. Our training package coupled with our exceptional nutrition program will help you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely. Hurry space is limited so Sign Up today!

Athletic Training

Get an advantage over your competition with our Sports Specific Programs.  We will do everything possible to separate your from your opponent.  Every athlete needs different variations of training for speed, power, strength, agility and endurance based on your specific sport.  Creating a program based on your needs we will help improve your performance to give you that advantage you need over your competition.


Strength Training

Learn how to tone and tighten your body with our comprehensive training program.  We will teach you to build lean muscle and provide the supervision, accountability and motivation you will need to reach your goals.



Ageless Explorers

Our goal is to tailor our programs for your needs to improve your quality of life.  We will keep you safe while working on your strength, flexibility, stability and balance. You will work side by side with your peers and trainer to build a strong healthy body that is functionally capable of performing your daily activities as well as those hobbies that you love!

Staying active as we age is essential to staying healthy and living longer. Exercise, a healthy life-style, and proper nutrition are all important components to achieving your goal. This program provides you with some simple tools to help you live a long, healthy life. SkinSport’s Ageless Explorers Program can help you learn more about healthy living, and healthy aging. Talk with one of our awesome Fitness Professionals to see if this program is right for you!

General Info 

  • A “Practice Anti-aging” Plan
  • Ageless Explorers Plan
  • Exercising Your Way to Better Health
  • Tips for Finding Good Health Information Online

Take the Steps to a healthier You!

Skin Sport will assess YOU for actual and potential problems in all areas of a healthier life.  We also identify strengths and resources.  After needs are determined, an individualized plan is developed.  Skin Sport provide many of the needed services or referrals for the healthier YOU. Your independence and well-being are our ultimate goals.


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