Glendale, AZ Boot Camp

If you need to see fast results from your workout, want to start your workout program right or are simply want some variety, a Glendale, AZ boot camp may be the perfect solution. Boot camps aren’t for everyone. You’ll work harder at a boot camp, but you’ll also reap more rewards for your efforts. Since a fitness professional, a personal trainer, runs the boot camp, you can feel comfortable that you’re exercising to your maximum potential, doing the exercises correctly and not over doing to the point of injury.

The personal trainer identifies your level of fitness before you start exercising.

Personal trainers don’t use a cookie cutter approach to fitness. Instead, he or she tests each participant to identify not only the person’s level of fitness, but also weak muscle groups. The trainer listens to all participants’ goals and special needs and only then does he or she design a program for each person at the camp. You’ll get the same individualized instruction when you attend a camp run by a personal trainer.

Some camps include nutritional information.

Personal trainers often help their clients with weight loss, which includes nutritional help. While the trainer won’t give you a diet, he or she will offer help in making wiser food choices. Diets don’t work because they end and you go back to your old eating habits that put weight on in the first place. Instead, the personal trainer will show you how to eat healthier. Sometimes the advice includes substituting one food for another, such as using Greek yogurt, instead of sour cream. Sometimes, it may be altering your favorite recipe to make it healthier. The advice is a collection of small changes that add up to big differences in calorie intake.

The personal trainer shows you how to do each exercise the right way.

Boot camps use very little, if any equipment. Instead, they focus on calisthenics and body weight exercises. The personal trainer not only shows you how to do each exercise correctly, he or she watches to insure you do it right. Doing an exercise correctly maximizes the benefits and helps to avoid injuries. As you progress and improve, the personal trainer adjusts your program to reflect that improvement.

You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. Everyone in the group shares the cost of the trainer’s time, making it far less per person.
Everyone does the same exercise, but not the same way. While each person may be doing pushups, one may be doing a modified knee bent version, while a very fit person may do a fingertip pushup.
There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp. Since everyone struggles to achieve his or her own personal goal, each understands how difficult accomplishing the goal can be. You’ll often hear words of encouragement and applause when someone succeeds.
You’ll learn a wide selection of exercises you can do after boot camp ends.


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