High Intensity Functional Training

IMG_1241SkinSport Fitness Centers highly experienced and qualified trainers will utilizing the most well-rounded, results driven fitness program available to ensure one thing that you get RESULTS! Our training is 100% supervised high intensity training using high intensity functional movement directed toward everyday life activities. All of our training can be individualized to each client to ensure that their particular needs are met at each workout.  Our training includes core, flexibility, balance, strength and power.  SkinSport combines the benefits of cardio training with resistance training so you burn at least 2x’s the calories in ½ the time! Our High Intensity Interval Workouts will give you the amazing after burn effect to increase your calorie burn for up to 24 hours after your session. Great for beginner and advanced exercisers. No 2 workouts are ever the same, so you’re never bored and workouts stay new and exciting!


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