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Six Week Challenge Participants
Nutrition and Meals
Are you ready for:

  • Six weeks of awesome fat burning and body toning workouts.
  • Pre/Post program fitness evaluation.
  • Customized nutrition plans
  • Unlimited motivation and accountability
  • AND my “after burn” system so you can burn more fat!
  • Oh yea….a chance to win an Apple IPAD to the winner!


As a member, you now have access to our menu’s.  Proper nutrition is 80% of the weight loss battle. Eating the right foods, with the proper serving sizes at the right times is the hardest part of losing weight. We all know for the most part what we are doing wrong it just takes having the accountability to someone else to make you change. MORE>
Menu Training Videos Techniques

It’s not about the gym. It’s about YOU.
It’s not about the personal trainer. It’s about YOU.
It’s not about the new equipment, and the free weights, and the clean, classy locker rooms, and the spinning bikes.