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At SkinSport we know that 80% of your success with weight loss will be in what you put in your body.  You can give your all in the gym but you will not see the weight loss you want to see until you adjust how you eat.  From day 1 start following one of our nutrition plans.  The first thing you need to do is read SkinSport Nutrition and start implementing the steps outlined.  Next choose which meal plan you will follow 1. SkinSport Nutrition 2. Quick Results 3. Fat Flush.  Each plan offers you something a little different.  They all work but some people need different plans so choose the plan that will be the easiest for you to follow.
Start writing down everything you eat.  If you are not seeing the weight loss you want bring in your nutrition journal and let one of our trainers look it over.
SkinSport Nutrition

This plan gives you specific steps to take right now to start your nutrition journey.  This plan teaches you how to create your own meals as well as gives you several example meals to follow. <more…>

Quick Results

This plan gives you exactly what to eat at every meal with very little choices.  At each meal you can choose from 3-4 items and nothing more.  Choose this plan if limiting the types of foods you can eat will help you achieve your goal.  <more…>

Fat Flush Menu’s

This plan gives you lots of choices, every day and every meal is something different.  Just pull up the plan and eat exactly what it tells you to eat.  Choose this plan if you enjoy lots of variety in your meals.  This plan also comes with a grocery list to make your shopping trip a little easier.