Phoenix Bootcamp

You may have wondered what type of person goes to a Phoenix bootcamp and benefits from it. The answer is easy. It’s the person who wants to start becoming fitter or simply break the monotony and learn new ways to exercise and new routines. That includes every type of person from the one that’s led a sedentary lifestyle and now needs help learning how to exercise, to the old pro that has spent years in the gym, but want to try something new and get out of a rut or even check to insure their form is correct on each type of exercise.

Personal trainers lead boot camps.

Just as a trainer would with a private client, he or she assesses the fitness level of each person in the group before designing any program. The trainer also listens to each person’s goals and special needs. Only then does the personal trainer create individual workouts created to challenge each person, but still be within his or her capabilities.

Everyone does the same exercise, but the intensity and level of difficulty varies.

If everyone in the group had to do five regular pushups, the fit people would do them in seconds and be bored waiting for those far less fit to struggle through one. To avoid that problem, the trainer may have the less fit person do a modified bent knee pushup and do only a few repetitions, while the extremely fit person may do a high number of fingertip pushups. Each person finds his or her challenge difficult and struggles to accomplish it.

Some camps provide nutritional information.

Some camps are geared to a specific goal; such as weight loss and the personal trainer provides nutritional information to help the participants change their eating habits. While the trainer may provide sample meals, it doesn’t mean they give a diet. Instead the trainer identifies ways to make food substitutions to lower calories and increase nutrition. The combination of exercise and a healthy diet helps you lose weight faster.

The exercises you learn at a boot camp don’t require any extra equipment so you can do them at home after the camp ends.
There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp. Since everyone works to the maximum, each person understands how difficult it is to achieve a goal. You’ll often hear applause or cheers when someone does.
You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost of private sessions. Everyone shares the cost so it’s less per capita.
Boot camps provide plenty of motivation, not only from the personal trainer and other participants, but also from seeing great results quickly.


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