SkinSport Experience


The SkinSport Experience

What is a Workout At SkinSport like?

Just walking into SkinSport for the first time is unlike anything you have ever experienced in a gym.  When you first walk in the doors you will be greeted by a Smiling Member of our SkinSport Team. From there you will be taken in to the gym to warm up your body and we will give you complete directions for your workout. Our awesome trainers will push you to achieve a higher level of fitness each time you are here all the while watching to make sure you perform each exercise correctly. Have a previous injury that keeps you from doing something? No Problem, our trainers will provide you with an alternative exercise that will keep you safe and still allow you to work your body as needed! You will be praised and pushed to exceed your expectations every day!

Our workouts are designed for MAXIMUM calorie burn . We want to get you fit, healthy, challenge your mind, body, and most importantly MAKE FITNESS FUN!


  • Awesome Indoor Facility

    • Weather will never be an issue with us. Rain or shine…we are ready to workout!
  • The Exercises

    • Our workouts combine strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. You get EVERYTHING you need!
  • Time Efficient Training

    • Our sessions are 60 minutes in length. We keep you moving and burning fat from the first minute to the very end of your workout and beyond!
  • The After Burn!

    • We use a scientifically proven exercise formula that will increase your metabolism for  12-16 hours after your workout! That’s right, burn fat for HOURS after your workout!
  • NEVER Plateau!

    • The body hates change! It would much rather do the same thing every minute of every day. Well we have news for you…when you do the same exercise routine day in and day out you stop seeing results and “plateau.” At SkinSport we utilize the principle of muscle confusion. You will NEVER do the same workout twice! Why is this good? Because…your body will never adapt and you will never plateau! You will get results and they will come quick and continue to come…..month after month after month!

    • ELIMINATE the word diet once and for all! Every SkinSport client receives our SkinSport nutrition program as well as our Lifestyle maintenance nutrition plan. You will also receive a Nutrition Consultation where we set goals together and help you keep them!
  • Positive Energy

    • SkinSport is about a team environment where both your trainers and fellow workout partners motivate and challenge you to reach your highest potential!
  • Family

    • Make new friends and become part of the SkinSport family! Everyone supports each other and it’s an experience like no other. Come and see for yourself! Get fit and have fun!